About Us

Welcome to The Charcuterie Co! We are a gourmet kitchen based in South Delhi. We started in 2021 with the aim to make high quality, authentic and innovative products for our customers. In particular, we wanted to spread the joys of a Charcuterie board - we love the European concept of a board with tasty, healthy gourmet food items which everyone can take as they please, and we want to introduce this to India.

We also think that having genuinely high quality, healthy and tasty ingredients makes a big difference compared to using the preservative filled affairs most of us use in our kitchens. So, to help you create the Charcuterie experience at home we also bring our range of premium ingredients for your cooking pleasure.

For us, Charcuterie is a journey of exploring new tastes and experiences and having fun while doing it! We hope you allow us the opportunity to help you on this exploration and you in turn spread this culture of all natural, gourmet products forward. Happy eating!